This Ain't No Damn Cartoon!

Written and Directed


Steph Wynne

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Episode 2

Shut That Fu#kin' Dog Up!

Some of the Neighbors are tired of Kitty's dog ChiChi barking and one of them decides to do something about it. Trey gets and unexpectant visit from his parole officer.

Starring Akili Keita, Lynette Smith, Brandon Johnson, Josh Basili

Ashlei Murray, Avery Vaughn, Cartrell Daniels, Akira Abinns, Sean G. Proctor, Erik Jensen,
Savannah Wong, Joel Junior, Antonio Orejel

Episode 1

WTF is Shuga? (pronounced sugar)

Trey just got out of prison and can't make no money. He doesn't want to go back to his bad boy ways, but the new drug shuga is hard to resist. On Real Talk with Diamond, Boy Genius discusses the rise of shuga and how people are getting hooked with one lick.

Starring Akili Keita, Cartrell Daniels, and Josh Basili

Lynette Smith, Brooke Wilde, Angela Hope, Michael Mittman, Sean G. Proctor, Jeff Jaggers, Michael Mendez, Ashlei Murray, John-Michael Amon, Jewell James, Taylor Eden

Shut that fu#kin' dog up!

WTF is Shuga?

It's the year 2030 and 10 years later people are still stuck in their homes from the dreadful 2020 CoVid virus. 

There ain't no flying cars or personal robots. People are broke, jealous and mad. Curfew keeps people working and going to school from home and don't give a damn about their neighbors.  

Loud music, 50 inch stereo TVs, barking dogs, loud babies, drunks, singers, rappers, dancers and psychos are the norm. Talk shows, game shows and music shows are the only entertainment. 

Getting high is the one thing people can do to ease the reality of a sucky life. 

I Hate My Neighbor zooms in on a futuristic drug dealer that gets his neighbors hooked on a new drug called Shuga (sugar) which is basically sugarcane on steroids.